Raekwon – Joins DEF TALK On All Def Digital

Raekwon The Chef hit up the ADD offices to talk being a member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, the importance of having a solid team, the music industry today, and of course, Fly International Luxurious Art.

Raekwon, aka The Chef, recognizable as one of the members of the illustrious Wu-Tang Clan, stopped by the All Def Digital offices to kick some knowledge on the game today, his impoverished start in Staten Island, being part of the Clan, and the importance of having a good team.  And of course, Fly International Luxurious Art, which is his sixth studio album.  The Chef says that as a youngster, he was motivated by seeing Run DMC’s gold chains and kicks in one of their videos on Video Music Box.  Eventually, the legendary Wu- Tang Clan arrived on the scene, and they went on to become one of the most influential hip hop acts of all time.   “It’s all about the confidence you carry,” Rae says.  “When you have a team, you feel ten times more powerful because you’re not doing it alone, and that’s how we always felt; we could beat the world, it was us against them.”  



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