Draze – Irony On 23rd Video

Draze returns with this new video for this incredible “Irony On 23rd” record.

Draze is riding a huge wave of momentum with the recent placement of his music on Empire (Fox), ESPN Sportscenter, NFL Networks Total Access and several other national programs. His first single “Seattle Sweeties” is currently #3 on the national college radio charts.

Set to the soulful sounds of rhodes keys and a live saxophone Irony On 23rd captures the thoughts, pain, and reactions of a community experiencing gentrification. Through the power of story, Draze paints a picture of how numerous ironies appear to meet at the intersection of 23rd and Union. With lines like “How many brothers went to jail on this corner for using dime bags? In a week he’s doing, what, a couple hundred grand?”, Draze challenges Seattle leaders and citizens to look at the painful realities of it’s politics. “To be honest, releasing this track was not a part of our plan, but sometimes the people connect with something and the music becomes more than a song; it becomes a movement,” Draze continued.

“To create this record, I went out on the corner of 23rd and Union one night, posted up, and watched the energy and movement of the people. It was crazy to just sit in silence and watch it all go down. I immediately heard the melody in my soul an Irony On 23rd was born that night,” said Draze.

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