Flex The Antihero – Pray

Flex The Antihero says there is no need to “Pray” with his video.

Following the release of his sophomore album, Born Rebels, Flex The Antihero continues the campaign with the official visuals for the lead single. Flex continues to emphasis his dark aesthetic and further pushes the notion of battling inner demons, addiction and mental health. Born Rebels is one of the most honest and genuine bodies of work to release in 2016. Partnering with Lucky Scoundrel Productions and director Benjamin Irwin, Flex wanted to portray the everyday struggle that most often cannot be seen. A smile is the most deceiving thing. It’s easy to feel lonely in a room full of people. Any and all support of the release is greatly appreciated – all pertinent information can be found below!

“Pray was a record that I figured would immediately be seen as blasphemous, but in the context of the album you will get it.  Basically, I was at a point where I was exhausted with everything. I dealt with a loss of a friend, I was a diving head first into my vices and allowed myself to become super distant from anyone, and anything. I don’t think I was a pleasure to be around at that point. It is essentially saying let me see what becomes of just letting it all go…don’t save me. Let’s just see what happens if I let myself go completely mad…let me feel everything, because I may not be here tomorrow.” – Flex The Antihero

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