G4SHi – Disrespectful Video Teaser

G4SHi shares his ‘Disrespectful’ video teaser.

G4SHi has announced shows in Zurich and Washington DC. His single ‘Disrespectful’ has gone viral in a little over a week, reaching over 1Million plays on Spotify and Soundcloud. If you haven’t already take a listen to the new single and also check out new performance footage and his video teaser.

Brooklyn-based musician G4shi embraces being a natural-born tastemaker by creating forward-thinking mood music laced with the genuine intention of inspiring others through his story and perspective as a first-generation American. Whether G4shi is singing, rapping, producing or directing music videos, all in a distinctive style entirely his own, his strengths as an artist lie in his unapologetic sense of self and his God-given ability to resonate emotionally with others.


you ready 4 Disrespectful Video!? (@edgaresteves)

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