Jonezen – Heaven For A Sinner

Jonezen asks if there is a ‘Heaven For A Sinner’ with new video.

Known for his fast, intimate rhymes and rock vibes, Detroit born, Los Angeles-based Jonezen is truly carving his own lane. Taking hip-hop and turning it on its head, the rapper, songwriter, and guitarist is fearlessly incorporating a myriad of bold influences into his songs. Jonezen is known for his honest lyricism and speaking from the heart. Getting back to the basics he built his career on, he recently shared a personal and raw new song, ‘Heaven For A Sinner,’ about making peace with your mistakes and regrets. The video for the track shows that deeper level, stripping him down to vulnerable verses in a confession to a higher power. Soulful singer Lauren Ashley, who provides the heartfelt chorus, makes an appearance as an angelic figure as Jonezen ponders what is in store for him in the afterlife.

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