Passport Rav – Delayed Flights

Passport Rav tells a story of travel nightmares with ‘Delayed Flights’.

Although he literally experienced ‘Delayed Flights‘ while traveling throughout Europe, this self produced song from Passport Rav means something a bit deeper.  Though Rav considers himself to be a late bloomer, we are all on a flight in life and while some of us are on a delayed one, you will none the less reach your destination.  Do not rush the process!!!

“I know I took a little long I was stuck up in my zone trying to find a way to grow” Rav sings on this track from his forthcoming Gentrified Snacks EP which will be released this fall.  Rav aims for his music to take the listener to a deeper place of thought. Watch the video and see if you can reach that place.

Watch Passport Rav’s ‘Delayed Flights’ below.

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