Dana Coppafeel – 1Time

Dana Coppafeel returns today with his ‘1Time’ video.

Dana Coppafeel and company, star in the 1Time video, taking you through the musty basements of Milwaukee apartments and the gorgeous scenes of Los Angeles. The metaphor is perfect for his style, both grimey and beautiful, laying a canvas of lyrics over a laid back banger produced by Charley Cooks. Coppa pays homage to his love for hip-hop, overcoming daily life struggles, and his loved ones in 1Time.

As you will often see in Dana’s music videos, his wifey Rae, makes a cameo. They were attending AGENDA in Long Beach, along with theMINIclassy and Uni-Fi Records for the week where the footage ended up being the perfect fit for this track. The sound and visuals for 1Time are sure to be a clean breath of air and reflection amongst the smoggy city of Los Angeles.

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