Oxymorron – Green Vision

Oxymorron - Green Vision

Oxymorron debuts on SpitFireHipHop with their ‘Green Vision’ video.

When you think about Rap Rock music in 2018 Oxymorrons undoubtedly come to mind. The New York-based boundary-pushers have made a name for themselves in the spirit of change – building a movement from years of being told they were too rock for hip-hop, too hip-hop for rock. They boldly committed to creating music that defies these arbitrary rules of classification, which cemented the band as early pioneers in this current genre-blending and bending revolution.

That uncompromising tenacity evokes the essence of both hip-hop and rock & roll, proving that Oxymorrons are renegades of the modern music industry. Their new song “Green Vision” seamlessly fuses a myriad of sounds that lay the foundation for their lyrical attack, giving listeners an insider perspective to the trials of their come up.

Green Vision is the culmination of all the things that make us who we are. Musically it’s Hip-Hop, Punk, Rock, Ska, Metal and Electronic all rolled to in one. Lyrically it touches on our mental instabilities and insecurities, while having the mental fortitude needed to chase our dreams. It’s about finding that balance within yourself – that kind of foresight is what we call ‘Green Vision’.” – Oxymorrons

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