Little Brother – Homecoming Documentary

Little Brother chronicles their reunion in this ‘Homecoming’ documentary.

Come Hear North Carolina shares ‘Homecoming,’ the second installment of director Holland Randolph Gallagher’s documentary series on North Carolina hip-hop pioneers Little Brother. Homecoming picks up with the legendary trio (9th Wonder, Big Pooh, and Phonte) after their initial split in 2010, and traverses sensitive subject matter, including years when the members of Little Brother were not speaking.

It also charts the path that led to their surprise last-minute reunion at the 2018 Art of Cool Festival in their hometown Durham, North Carolina.

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if you don’t tell your own story, you’re leaving yourself at the mercy of others to tell it for you. “There’s been a lot of rumors, speculation and straight-up fan fiction that’s been written about LB over the years. When we started working together again, Pooh and I decided this was the time to tell our story as a way to heal past wounds and transgressions. Before we could focus on our future, we had to clean up our past. The documentary played a huge role in that.” – Phonte

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