D Prime 215 “Reasons Why” Video

D Prime 215 "Reasons Why" Video

D Prime 215 returns for the 2nd video release of his “Sacred Mantra” EP.  “Reasons Why” produced by Has-Lo, is a tell-all into Prime’s world of emceeing, dating back to 93’.

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“Every artist has their “Reasons Why” they create. Some for the sake of it, as a means to an end, tell stories, impress others, or all the above. For me, it’s all the above. However, as I grow as a person it inevitably bleeds into my music. There’s a lot going on in the world that affects me in a way that may be different from others. It’s inevitable that I address it. Especially in my city of Philadelphia. Let it be gentrification, school closings, “misallocation” of funds for public schools & inner city, crime, questioning the prison system, or the school to prison pipeline to name a few. I see these things firsthand, and I wanted to make it evident that Philly is a lot more than merely cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell. It’s Philly all day over here, the presentation may be different from what you’re used to. It’s more than simply “rap” to me, that being said I was out for blood on this.” – D Prime 215

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The Philly native utilizes his mastered skillset of storytelling to embody the world around him, ongoing societal issues, as well as what he represents. In â€œReasons Why” Prime vividly portrays reasons for putting his life into the pen and being a voice for those on the other side of the fence.  Bar for bar he breaks down gentrification, tainted school systems, inner-city crime hidden behind Philly’s tourist attractions, and other community distresses.

Has-Lo’s intense piano keys blended with soulful bass and drums invite listeners to feel the emotion and vibrations from Prime’s polished and compelling storytelling. Watch â€œReasons Why” and connect with D Prime 215 and Has-Lo below.

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