Juice – Solve ‘Em

Juice drops off his latest in this ‘Solve ‘Em’ video.

As a teen on stage, Juice was a monster, racking up accolades and supporters across Toronto’s poetry scene. Known for aggressive performances and clever wordplay, he couldn’t stop winning slams across the city. But off the stage, he was crumbling. He loved the art, but it wasn’t feeding him.

“My life went downhill like a slalom so I skied the white.”

Solve ‘Em details Juice’s journey trying to turn his talent into a viable living for himself and his family. The video, shot by Brandon Jordan of 88Everything, gives us a peek inside his world, as we witness intimate and vulnerable moments in his home, the streets, and the studio. On this path, there’s not much separating success and failure, but Juice is determined. He has to make something out of this music. He has no other option.

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Yoel Molina Law

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