Nomad Carlos & Inztinkz ft. Falcon Outlaw – Duppy Mecca

Nomad Carlos and Inztinkz drop off the new ‘Duppy Mecca’ video.

Nomad Carlos has released a new music video for the song Duppy Mecca featuring Falcon Outlaw. The video, directed by Mercenary Films, was shot in both New York and Toronto. 

The term ‘duppy’ is a common Jamaican slang for ‘ghost’.

Set in two cemeteries, Nomad Carlos is seen dressed in a suit and a top hat, with a bottle of Appleton Estate Rum in hand, pouring out liquor for his “fam in the graveside”. Falcon Outlaw complements Carlos, dressed appropriately in all black, with his locks hanging, obscuring his face.

Duppy Mecca is the first single from the EP Blxvk Desert by Nomad Carlos and Inztinkz. Carlos, in his verse, lets everyone knows he’s “from an island where it’s haunted”, as he depicts the gritty city of Kingston, Jamaica, in which he was raised. Falcon Outlaw leaves his mark on the track with his adlibs sprinkled throughout the song and a verse where he raps and even deejays in Jamaican patois. 

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