Thees Handz (Murs & The Grouch) ft. Brady Watt – Be Nice

Thees Handz (Murs & The Grouch) return with their ‘Be Nice’ video featuring Brady Watt.

When hip-hop fans mention the Living Legends Crew – the 8 member collective from California that kicked open the doors for rap music that highlighted the everyday man – they often think of two members: Murs and The Grouch. While the two built a name for themselves within the crew, and as solo artists, they never collaborated on an official project with each other, until now.

The relationship between the two could be likened to college roommates who once shared living spaces together in their formative years, who went on to become successful in their own paths but remained rooted to their beginnings. After years of collaborating with other Living Legends crew members (The Grouch & Eligh, Three Melancholy Gypsies), and people outside of the crew (Atmosphere, Strange Music, Slightly Stoopid), the two decided to make a full project together – Thees Handz.

They have both had success in the live space as well; Murs was the first rapper to have his own festival, Paid Dues, and The Grouch with his annual tour, How The Grouch Stole Christmas. While ruminating on who to tour with for the 12th and final year of the Grouch’s Christmas Tour, a light bulb went off and The Grouch reached out to his brother, Murs. After discussing joining him on tour the two also decided to give their fans something they never knew they wanted – a joint album from Murs & The Grouch.

Clocking in at 10 tracks – a reference to the title, by way of the number of fingers on two hands – the project is effective in its succinctness. With tracks that run the gamut from braggadocious to introspective, Thees Handz will touch the listener one or another. The production is handled by The Grouch, Ant of Atmosphere, Eligh, DJ Fresh, DJ Rek, and Brady Watt. The album features Reverie, Rabbitt, Brady Watt, with scratches by DJ Abilities.

As you prepare to break bread with family and friends and give thanks, Murs and The Grouch ask you to please be mindful and “Be Nice.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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