Brotha Meech – Sean Price Back

Brotha Meech makes his debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his ‘Sean Price Back’ video.

DMV representative Brotha Meech presents the DMVLife-directed music video for “Sean Price Back,” his PT Tha ET-produced dedication to the late Brownsville emcee, who passed in 2015. Meech was Marketing Director for Sony Music in Atlanta before migrating north, releasing #unplug in 2014 and Meech 2020 in 2016.

“Boom Bap is making a comeback and I’m here to champion its return,” Meech says about his new single. “Pop artists get tributes, rock artists get tribute, hell even R&B singers get tributes. I’ll be damned if us rappers just die and keep dying with no one left behind to shine some appreciation on our legacies. Big up to Joyner Lucas droppin’ Will. I’m doing a tribute to Sean P!”

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