LG Roc ft. Grand Surgeon, Fya Da Flame & DJ Hook Raida – Shook Ones Part 3

LG_Roc releases this ‘Shook Ones Part 3’ video featuring Grand Surgeon, Fya Da Flame and DJ Hook Raida.

The world is in a really strange place currently. What is happening with this pandemic is something that we have read about but never really thought we would ever see it in our lifetime.

LG Roc connects with Grand Surgeon, Fya Da Flame and DJ Hook Raida for this ‘Shook Ones Part 3‘ video. Many believe that this pandemic has much to do with 5G towers going up all over the world. Others believe is has much to with population control. Whatever it is, we must all agree something is going on.

Don’t be shook about the self-quarantining that is happening just stay aware and keep your mask on.

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Yoel Molina Law

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