Jay Worthy & Harry Fraud – Hard Knock High

Jay Worthy and Harry Fraud release their new ‘Hard Knock High’ video.

Jay Worthy and Harry Fraud’s collaborative EP Eat When You’re Hungry Sleep When You’re Tired is entirely produced by the SRFSCHL founder and features guest appearances from Guapdad 4000, G Perico, Larry June & Big Body Bes.

“When I moved to NYC, I told Body to link me with Fraud; as I always knew we would make something special” Jay Worthy commented.  “Next thing you know we were locked in doing an EP. We were in the studio till 7 am every night. It had my sleep schedule and eating all fucked up. The shit was fun though—I’d do it all over again.”

“When me and Worthy first linked up we just started going through a bunch of old music. As we were listening to all these songs from the 60s/70s/80s we started to key in on the same stuff and were chopping them up as we went” Harry Fraud asserted.  “We didn’t necessarily start with the intent of making a project, but before we knew it the project had made itself.”

Today, Jay and Harry unveiled the first visual from the project, “Hard Knock High.” Purchase, add and favorite Jay Worthy & Harry Fraud’s Eat When You’re Hungry Sleep When You’re Tired at your preferred DSP.

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