J-Zen ft. Kid Abstrakt РVibra̵̤es

J-Zen is back with his “Vibrações” video featuring Kid Abstrakt.

French producer J-Zen recently tapped West Coast MC Kid Abstrakt for his single “Vibrations” (or “Vibrações” in Portuguese), which comes from his new album Standa Lone.

Originally titled “Summer,” the instrumental took on a whole new meaning once Kid Abstrakt wrote to it. The song was only partially done when Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash in January. The deaths had a profound impact on the Los Angeles native, but also taught him a valuable lesson.

“When I heard J-Zen’s beat, I imagined having açaí on a hot summer day in Los Angeles. We wanted to capture a feel good vibe but also share a message about appreciating everything you have while it’s still right in front of you. After Kobe & Gigi passed, I knew I had to live life to the fullest every single day.” – Kid Abstrakt

The William Andrade-directed music video reflects the song’s warmth and poignant message in the most fitting way possible.

“We decided to shoot the first parts in Elysian Park, a summer hub in Los Angeles. Summer day vibes with a cool breeze is what we were working with. We decided to shoot with vibrant colors to help bring out the track’s good energy. Overall the video was made with mad love and a positive outlook.” - William Andrade

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