Trillz Da Yung Apprentice Drops New Single “Bad B*tch”

Brooklyn Rapper Trillz Da Yung Apprentice Drops New Single “Bad B*tch” Road 2 Riches II Avaiable Now on all DSPs!!

Today Trillz Da Yung Apprentice releases his new single “Bad B*tch” from his  Road 2 Riches II project.

“Bad B*tch is a blood pumping, high energy track that gives you a rush, it promotes women empowerment.” Trillz Da Yung Apprentice said, “but I’m from the trenches where the cameras don’t want to go.”

After seeing 50 Cent on TV Trillz Da Yung Apprentice was encouraged and inspired by 50 Cent to pursue her career. 

“I saw 50 Cent on TV and that sh*t was lit and it got inspired,” he said. “I feel like in life you never stop learning so I don’t mind having mentors and teachers to show me the game to get further. 50 taught me a lot just watching him on TV.”

With his eyes set on radio airplay Trillz Da Yung Apprentice comes the table with a host of new content and an ambition to be the best. 

“I just gotta continue making music, period. I’m gonna  get ready to have my way with the radio,” he said.

Sending one last message to the fans Trillz Da Yung Apprentice said, “like Wayne said there would be no me without yall. Get ready it’s about to be a lit ride.”

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