Lord D’Andre Releases His New “Hollup”

Lord D’Andre is back with his new “Hollup” video.

Lord D’Andre release a shocking new visual for his crazy new single, “Hollup” (which is one of the more high energy tracks from Lord’s Self-Produced Rock Inspired Album, “Lord Hendrix”). This fierce heavy metal infused trap anthem proves how well rounded Lord D’Andre is as a musician.

The track begins with a heavily distorted guitar riff backed by a spacey arpeggiated keyboard pattern which leads into a brief squealing guitar solo. Then, the beat drops and the madness begins. Lord raps a catchy chorus, glamorizing the fashion and overall lifestyle of his counterparts and self.

His warm, laid back vocal tone adds an interesting contrast to the chaos within the instrumental. The song’s verses are so packed full of clever punchlines and wordplay that it may even be difficult for the listener to keep up and comprehend each bar the first time around.

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Yoel Molina Law

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