Macntaj Releases ‘Love Me The Same’ Visual

Macntaj is back with his new “Love Me The Same” video.

Seattle artist Macntaj announces the release of his new single and music video, “Love Me The Same” via Ingrooves Music Group.

As the Pacific Northwest music scene explodes onto the radar of the music industry new artist Macntaj has risen to the top of the fold with one of kind visuals, top-tier rapping abilities, and a hilarious personality to match.

Macntaj first raised eyebrows with the release of Hood Burger and the ensuing drama with Tory Lanez creating a suspiciously similar song and video for his “Bionk Boink” single and has returned with another smash this time titled, “Love Me The Same.”

The new single “Love Me The Same” showcases Macntaj’s radio-ready sound and is full of infectious melodies big production and engaging lyrics. Once again connecting with Director Justin Fricke, Macntaj and his team show their extreme range and capabilities as production team with the latest release, “Love Me The Same.” With this being his first official release via Ingrooves Music Group it’s clear to see, Team Taj is ready for the big leagues in 2021.

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Yoel Molina Law

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