J. Sands Releases New “Think” Video

J. Sands - Think

J. Sands is back with the new video for “Think.”

J. Sands is one of those artists that will not fold to social pressures when it comes to speaking to social ills in his music. He is the same artist that released “Karen” a track aimed at white women calling the police on black people for absolutely no reason. He also released the albums “A Bunch Of Racists Voted For Trump” and “Vote For Biden Or You Ain’t Black,” both released in 2020.

Today the veteran MC from Pittsburgh now in Baltimore releases a new video. The new video for “Think” opens with the statement about removing fathers from the community, those children will form together in gangs. We can always count on J. Sands to provide meaningful content, and “Think” is no different. Press play on the video below and enjoy.

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Yoel Molina Law

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