Lambo – “Keep Steppin”

Recently Northeast Ohio rapper Lambo released his visual for his new song,“Keep Steppin.” Following up his previously successful records Lambo continues to deliver street ready music with an appeal to masses. 

Keep Steppin is just how I was feeling, the mood that I was in.  I wanted to start the Summer off with something big and this is that record,” Lambo said. “I’m ready to continue releasing music, I want to do another tape and we got more music videos coming out this Summer. We’re going to keep the content coming and make sure that people know who we are.”

In the @then8brhood shot music video Lambo smokes out while he’s surrounded by motorcycles and souped up race cars. 

“Keep Steppin” is currently available on Spotify, Apple, Tidal and other service providers, but aside from this single, Lambo has stayed busy working on a full-length album to continue  push his movement well beyond just Cleveland of Northeast Ohio. 

“I’m just trying to campaign and promote the music and build a movement, not just in Cleveland, but the whole Ohio and even further. You know, keep building and getting bigger,” Lambo said. “I’ve been working in the studio recording so I got a variety of songs I can choose from,  That’s what I’m working on now. What’s the next move? And making sure everything that I drop is hard.”

Keeping the fans on his mind and making sure to always connect with the streets, Lambo vows to keep pushing the content to fans.  

“I’ma keep pushing out good music and content, thank you to the fans for the support!

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