MidaZ The Beast & SHARP Release “Pardon” Video

MidaZ The Beast & SHARP - Pardon

MidaZ The Beast and SHARP release the new “Pardon” video.

Orlando, Florida rhyme and production team MidaZ The Beast and SHARP have dropped a new video this morning. “Pardon” is a gritty slice of boom-bap as grimy and dark as the locale that the duo filmed the visuals in. Speaking of the graphitti strewn walls and bombed-out appearance MidaZ related “I saw that location from the road and was intending to use it for a shoot. Once we entered I didn’t know how wild it was in there, there was fiends holed up and stuff all around. Turns out they demolished the spot a few days after we shot.”

“Pardon” is a leak from the forthcoming EP #LIVENIGGARAP to drop on 7/5. Speaking on the significance of the project title MidaZ said “it’s inspired by the energy and feeling of the Nas record. We were creating from the space of guys who came from street battles and after show cyphers and being outside in an era where it wasn’t always safe.”

Much like that description SHARP provides dark instrumentals that roll by with vinyl grit and analog filtered boom for MidaZ to drop some street science over. On the creation of the project the duo revealed that during the course of the pandemic they linked up several times a week over the past year to create music from scratch. #LIVENIGGARAP is just the first sample of the fifty plus tracks they have in the cut from this period.

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