Zamar Yauw Pours His Heart Out In “Good One” Video

Zamar Yauw -  Good One Video

Zamar Yauw makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with his “Good One” video.

Zamar Yauw may be from the Bahamas, but heartbreaks are everywhere. Currently, the R&B singer lives in Houston, and somewhere along the way he lost a good girl and he expresses it in his new “Good One” video.
The accent of the Bahamian singer is evident. His voice is cool, smooth, melodic and his sound provides the same vibes one would get on his native island.

The “Good One,” video, which has surpassed 66k views on YouTube, shows the story of a hurt man that lost a beautiful girl. As the rain is pouring outside, Zamar is outside during the rain, pouring his heart out as he reminisces about old times with an old love.

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