Skyzoo Releases “Plugs & Connections” / “The Scrimmage” Visuals

 Skyzoo - Plugs & Connections / The Scrimmage

Skyzoo travels for the new visuals for “Plugs & Connections / The Scrimmage.”

Skyzoo releases new visuals for “Plugs & Connections” and “The Scrimmage” off his new album. Skyoo was asked about the concept of the video, and this is what he has to say. “The idea for this video was due to myself and the director, HiDeph, being in sync. I had this idea of merging two songs into one video, reminiscent of the videos of the late 90’s that strung song together to make one cohesive video that told a story, almost a mini movie. Ironically HiDeph was on the same page, as the common thread within the two songs is that they’re both produced by STLNDRMS and they appear back to back on the album.”

Skyzoo is on e of those artists that really brings actual life events into his music. The visual for these two tracks is no different. The storyline for the two are great. “The story is of a child wishing to afford a life that seems non existent in his neighborhood due to the changes in gentrification, and the growing up to remember that the people who look like him and are from his parts will always make sure he can afford the world. They’ll always take care of him, as he’s them.” Filmed on location in Atlanta, GA, the video represents two tracks from Skyzoo’s latest album titled “All The Brilliant Things.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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