FreshATL & Knarleyyy Deliver New Video For “No Feelings”

FreshATL & Knarleyyy Deliver New Video For "No Feelings

FreshATL and Knarleyyy join us today with their new “No Feelings” video.

FreshATL and Knarleyyy give us today, this new visual. There are different strokes for different folks but you still have to get those dollars. It is said that the realest have the most difficult time living. This is the reason to keep your feelings from getting the best of you.

FreshATL and Knarleyyy are two young bosses and they are not going back to those days when they had nothing. These two have come up out of the struggle and continue to chase their dreams. When you are dream chasing you cannot allow feelings to get involved because they will often derail you. When Fresh and Knarleyyy are involved, their feelings will never get in the way. It is about forward movement with FreshATL and Knarleyyy. Watch the “No Feelings” video below.

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