Unison Asks The Question, “Remember When!?”

Unison - Remember When!?

Unison makes their debut on SpitFireHipHop with their new video for “Remember When!?.”

Remember When?! -The Vienna based crew Unison released a bunch of dope records like the Soundnetworks EP or Re:actions in the early 2000’s which spread across record shops around the world.

The trio consisting of MC Shnek (half British, half Austrian microphone fiend), the legendary producer Whizz Vienna and the turntable wizard DJ Crum have reunited after 15 years and strike back with their brand new track „Remember When!?“ 

Unison bring back the nostalgic feeling of the golden era of hip-hop. Shnek raps about his memories of the good old days as the boom bap beat takes you back to the 90‘s. DJ Crum’s unique cuts add the extra bit of spice.

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