Deuce Hennessy Asks “WTF Is Going On” With The Release Of New Video

Deuce Hennessy - WTF Is Goin On

Deuce Hennessy shares his new visual for “WTF Is Goin On.”

Deuce Hennessy is from a crew of artists (HomeTeam) that we like very much here at SpitFireHipHop. He returns today with a new visual for “WTF is Goin On.” With the state of the world today, many people have a number of questions, and “WTF Is Going On” voices some of those concerns.

Deuce Hennessy – It’s Almost Time

The psyche of the people is being challenged as it has never been in human history. Racism has long plagued The United States, and today it seems that we are living in a day that resembles those horrible days of the past. “The road’s rough and it’s about to get rougher but I ain’t living to constantly suffer, WTF Is Going On, they got us hoping for change but keep us quiet with the ropes and the chains us locked in chains.”

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