Brady Watt Releases New Video Featuring Brad Wilk (RATM) & Robert Trujillo (Metallica) “Nobody Home”

Brady Watt feat. Brad Wilk (RATM) & Robert Trujillo (Metallica) - Nobody Home

Nobody Home” is a collaboration that aligns virtuoso Brady Watt, with the rhythm sections of Rage Against The Machine and Metallica and two legendary musical icons in Brad Wilk and Robert Trujillo.  Both Wilk (as the drummer for Rage Against The Machine, Prophets Of Rage, Audioslave & Black Sabbath) and Trujillo (bassist in Metallica) have been at the creative forefront of rock music for decades.  Individually, they are held in the highest esteem and considered as trendsetters at their respective instruments of choice.  “These guys brought a whole new life out of me” Brady Watt concedes. 

Two weeks ago Brady and Onyx linked up for another viral “Bass And Bars” episode delivering a rousing performance of “Slam.”   Bass & Bars was also a major conduit in helping “Nobody Home” come to fruition. 

“Brad (Wilk) reached out to me early on when I started the Bass & Bars series. He invited me to jam at his studio in Venice Beach, CA. We did just that and spent the day getting to know each other. Around that time I had this hard-ass riff that I wanted to make into a song.  I sent it to him to record drums and that became the foundation of “Nobody Home” Brady comments. “The track still needed more action, and Brad had been talking to Robert Trujillo, so we gave it a shot and sent it to him to see if he could come up with some ideas.  Robert and I spoke frequently, and within a few weeks he had laced up the track with all sorts of riffs and grooves.”

The old adage of “life imitates art,’ oddly enough manifests with “Nobody Home,” which Brady reflects upon.  “The track was done, but lyrics just came to me in some divine fashion and I laid them down “I been fighting with the devil inside of me, every time I check upstairs there’s Nobody Home.” DJ Premier always says what we write in these songs comes true and shortly afterward I was diagnosed with Cancer, having to do surgery and months of Chemotherapy. It was a hell of a battle, but I am done with Chemo as of last week and back to doing what I do best.”

The video shoot for “Nobody Home” seemed like a movie within a movie.  “The 66 Mustang I rented broke down in the desert.  I figured it was a wrap” Brady laughs.  “But Robert and his cousin showed up and within 10-minutes they had it running.  Hotwired it on the spot and it started with a screwdriver for the rest of the shoot.”

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