D Flowers Releases Video For “In Yo Dreams”

D Flowers - In Yo Dreams

D Flowers joins us today with his new “In Yo Dreams” video.

If it’s one artists who uses his music to motivate people, it’s Houston’s own D Flowers. From the hood of Alief, also known as the S.W.A.T South West Alief Texas, D.Flowers shows his fans that there is a way out and you can take your folks with you.

In new video, “In Your Dreams,” Flowers is using his word to inspire. Yes the track is called in your dreams, but Flowers’ vivid word play makes the dream seems like a reality. His raspy voice makes the listener feels Flowers’ pain. The Alief native said, “Rich n***a out the streets, walk in a big a** mansion, piss in the sink. Versace my body when I fall asleep with yo b***h, she gone think it’s a mink. Sleep with one eye open, I never blink. S**t ain’t as sweet as it seems.”

In the video, Flowers, in rapper terminally,looks like a brick. He’s counting blue hundreds on a blue Lamborghini truck. As his verse begins, he’s literally walking in a giant mansion,and he’s laced in a popular Houston clothing brand, Pimperelli. If the words don’t motivate you, the video should. If neither motive you, then you don’t want to level up.

It’s uncertain if D Flowers is dropping a project soon, but as of now, the 9700 Block leader is feeding the streets and uplifting the people from the ghettos all over. Check out “In Your Dreams” above and for more on D Flowers, follow him on Instagram @DFlowers.

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