Jack Preston Performs Magic In “Holograms” Video

Jack Preston - Holograms
Photo credit: Jack Preston

Jack Preston is back with his new video for “Holograms.”

As someone who believes that virtual and augmented reality will be “as integral as cell phones within the next 20 years”, rapper and multimedia artist Jack Preston premiered the futuristic Ando-directed video for his single “Holograms” yesterday via his YouTube channel. Inspired by classic sci-fi films like The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Minority Report, the “Holograms” video serves as commentary on our growing relationship with artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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I decided to tell the story of an extraordinary exotic dancer with a preference for $100 bills… I sourced this concept from my time spent at clubs and parties where there are a lot of single dollar bills often thrown around to create the appearance of throwing a lot of money. The dancer that I’m describing in this song has a strong preference for those ‘holographic’ $100s, which I decided to call ‘Holograms’ as a type of slang or play on words. The song’s title allowed me to make the concept relevant on multiple levels, especially with the advent of holographic celebrities and performances. I wanted to take a new approach to the song’s video concept, too– something that wasn’t based in a typical strip club scenario. The story takes place in a dystopian environment and follows the main character who enters the virtual world for pleasure. While the character seeks pleasurable scenarios in the virtual world, he soon finds out that the program has gone rouge.” – Jack Preston 

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