Bay Area Supergroup Justin’s Case Stays Rooted In Love And Community With New Video “Revolution” Video Feat. Cartel 360

Justin's Case feat. Cartel 360 = Revolution  Video

Justin’s Case releases new “Revolution” visual featuring Cartel 360.

Bay Area artists Equipto, True Justice, Aagee, and MC Pauze have created their own supergroup Justin’s Case out a deep love for music and a sudden intense need to heal. Combining a mixture of world music influences, with Equipto’s deeply rooted love of Jazz and the classic Bay Area sensibilities, the group creates a unique sound that seamlessly flows through a variety of genres and sub-genres. “One of the goals is to get Justice for Zumbi of Zion I. As his case unfolds, we stay on deck to apply pressure, musically – or with direct action.

We’ll be there, just in case, until our brother receives justice” says Justin’s Case Their latest video Revolution featuring Cartel 360 is directed by Justin’s Case and Teamdoneson depicting that just a family gathering can be considered a Revolutionary Act. “We performed a version of this before ever recording it at our last show opening up for Zumbi in Nevada city. I think the visuals reflect a side of revolution we often overlook, the love & community aspect” says Justin’s Case.

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