FishXGrits & Sauce Walka Create New Christmas Anthem, “3 Ho’s”

Sauce Walka & FishXGrits - 3 Ho's

FishXGrits and Sauce Walka give us the new Christmas anthem.

Inspired by the P lifestyle, and tasked with the service/responsibility of adding credibility and street knowledge to the game. Fresh off of releasing Us Against The World, which included one of his biggest singles to date, “Jernt,” featuring Curren$y. FishXGrits is back with a one-of-a-kind Christmas video for “3 Ho’s.”

Re-establishing the chemistry they exhibited on the single and video for “Didn’t I” (which was released in April of this year), Fish and Sauce Walka present a “P” Christmas song and video for the ages.
“Coming down with “3 Ho’s” like its Christmas!” FishXGrits and Sauce Walka joyfully exclaim. Sauce and I decided to make a Christmas song and video that all the P’s and women of the game can play every holiday season.”

The new video is taken from FishXGrit’s new project, Sixteen, which is now available! Sixteen features collaborations with Sauce Walka, Ralo The Pimp and Sharp from No Jumper. “The title Sixteen is derived from the code for P. P is the 16th letter of the alphabet. You’ll see people refer to 16’s online, or in person, they’re referring to the P’s” FishXGrit’s explains. “This is also my 16th album so it was a perfect title for this project.”

Yoel Molina Law

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