Santa Sallet Delivers New “Chinese Funk” Visual

Santa Sallet - Chinese Funk

Santa Sallet makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “Chinese Funk.”

DMV-based rapper/producer Santa Sallet presents the Rob Terrell-directed music video for his self-produced new single “Chinese Funk.” Filled with images of success and a good time, Sallet depicts the life and luxury he has earned through hustle, hard work, and his team of model-like executives. While they are off the clock, “Chinese Funk” shows another side of the hard-working money man relaxing with the team after a pillow fight.

Sallet says his new single “recounts my ascent to riches through my various struggles whilst also highlighting my dreams. If you are a looking for an initial blueprint on how to get rich, ‘Chinese Funk’ is a good place to start.” “Chinese Funk” will appear on Plutography, Sallet’s forthcoming album featuring Yung N Icy, &amo, and French producer Nemizzo, longtime collaborator and co-founder of Mugisha Sallet Productions (MSP). “Chinese Funk” is out now on MSP Records ( and all streaming platforms

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