Echo’s “Feelin’ It”: A Nostalgic Nod To Hip-Hop’s Golden Era

Echo - Feelin' It Video

Echo’s latest video, “Feelin’ It,” is making waves in the Hip-Hop community. The track brings back the gritty essence of a time when artists balanced the dual lives of part-time rappers and part-time dealers. Echo is determined to reintroduce that raw authenticity to the modern rap scene.

In “Feelin’ It,” Echo channels the spirit of the classic Hip-Hop track “Top Billin'” by Audio Two. The homage is clear, as Echo asserts his dominance and superior skill in the rap game, much like the iconic duo did decades ago. His lyrics are a confident declaration of his top-tier status, positioning himself above the competition.

One of the most striking references in Echo’s song is to former Longhorn quarterback Vince Young. Echo likens himself to the ’06 Vince Young, who famously led the University of Texas to a National Championship. This comparison underscores Echo’s belief in his own game-changing abilities and his desire to leave a lasting legacy in Hip-Hop.

Echo doesn’t shy away from controversy, either. In “Feelin’ It,” he takes a shot at Meek Mill, critiquing him for “dancing for white men.” This line is a bold statement, reflecting Echo’s disdain for artists who he feels have compromised their integrity. It’s a reminder of Echo’s commitment to staying true to his roots and the culture.

The impact of Echo’s lyrics is undeniable. His confident delivery and sharp wordplay set him apart in the crowded Hip-Hop landscape. By revisiting the themes and styles of the golden era of Hip-Hop, Echo is resonating with fans who long for the authenticity and rawness of the past. His approach is a breath of fresh air in an industry often criticized for its commercialism and lack of substance.

Echo’s “Feelin’ It” video is a reminder of what Hip-Hop used to be and what it can still be. Echo’s references to iconic figures and moments in both sports and music history show his deep understanding of the culture and his place within it. He’s not just making music; he’s contributing to the ongoing narrative of Hip-Hop.

Echo’s “Feelin’ It” is a track that not only showcases his lyrical prowess but also pays homage to the legends who came before him. For Hip-Hop enthusiasts, music critics, and fans of Echo, this song is a must-listen. It’s a call to remember the roots of Hip-Hop and to celebrate the artists who remain true to the culture.

Make sure to watch the “Feelin’ It” music video and keep an eye on Echo as he continues to make his mark on the industry. His dedication to authenticity and his undeniable talent ensure that he’s not just another rapper—he’s a top-tier artist who’s here to stay.

Yoel Molina Law

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