J. Sands – The Black Revolution Album Review

J. Sands is preparing to drop another album at the end of the month. Sands is one of those artists that I can truly listen to from the first song on the album to the last, and then listen again.

J. Sands is an artist that paints pictures that are easy to enjoy. He is an artist that provides hope to this thing we call hip-hop. Sands is not one of those artists that is chasing the fads in hip-hop but one that stays true to the culture. The entire community of Hip-Hop should be proud of the education that they have received from him, in his years as a hip-hop artist.

His new album ‘The Black Revolution‘ – of which he produced all tracks except ‘Guns‘ and the title track, ‘The Black Revolution‘ is an intelligent piece of art. This is his fourth solo studio album and I think quite possibly his best. The album is a an example of what Black people have experienced and might need to do going forward.

J. Sands starts the album with a track titled ‘Jango‘. This single tells a story of an encounter between two men in the South. One black, the other white. The black man understands that if he wants to live to see his family again he must swallow his pride.

However, the black man finds himself in a situation and makes a quick decision. He is chased down by the overseer but then stops and pulls out his weapon and eliminates the overseer – The Black Revolution.

On ‘Solutions‘ he concentrates on the social ills that Black people face in America today. The intro of the track suggests that ” you’re still a slave…no matter how much money you have, you’re still not shit” – as a Black person in America. With this track he covers the Black people who have lost their lives by the hands of police during a routine traffic stop. He suggests there will be no quick solution until there is a Black revolution.

Now before some say it sounds like he is blaming the “White Man” for all of the ills facing Black people, he is not. Black people need to figure that it is imperative that they find a solution to their troubles. J. Sands sees these changes taking place with: cash, fasting and education.

This is a very impressive body of work from J. Sands. He not only penned the songs but provided the production for the lion share of the album. Sands goes at the pharmaceutical companies as well on ‘Drugs‘. This track is fast moving so you will need to listen fast. As many of us know at this point the “war on drugs” was race based – The Black Revolution.

‘Fast’ is a track really caught my attention. The production had me listen more closely as it caught my attention immediately. The sonic on this track agreed with my energy and I tuned in. As a result of ‘Fast’ we learn that extremes are no good for anyone or anything – water is a good thing, but too much water, and we drown.

If your ears and mind are open, you will learn much from this album – will understand that J. Sands has done his supreme mathematics. Educate yourself with the truth and not lies, our society needs it.

J. Sands has given us lessons on ‘The Black Revolution’ that are easy to understand and if you are into expanding your common knowledge — this album is for you. As you maneuver through the album, I guarantee you will learn a few things. Look for ‘The Black Revolution’ dropping on August 30.

Yoel Molina Law

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