Author: Jake Crates

Fat Meech - Ghetto Love

Fat Meech – Ghetto Love

Fat Meech returns today with his new “Ghetto Love” single. Recently West Coast based rapper Fat Meech released his newest track “Ghetto Love” to the critical acclaim of the streets. Connecting with his fans from high schools to the traps Fat Meech has […]

The Bröthel - Bröthel

The Bröthel – Bröthel

Recently California-based duo THE BRÖTHEL released their new self-titled debut album Bröthel. Composed of Camden Premø and JohnBørn, the duo’s performance-based art and hypersexual live show have now morphed into a full-length album of epic proportions […]

Junt Sosa - Empty

Junt Sosa – “Empty”

Junt Sosa shares his new single titled “Empty.” Recently Rap fans got a new single from Georgia-based rapper Junt Sosa titled, “Empty.” Hailing from La Grange, Georgia nestled between Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama Junt Sosa brings a raw and authentic Southern-style that […]