Jordan Chude – The Interlude (EP)

Jordan Chude is back with his new EP, “The Interlude.”

With his undergraduate graduation in May, hip-hop artist Jordan Chude releases his next stepping stone, The Interlude EP via FreshNewTracks. With the help of producers MAndD Productions, Kevin K Beats, and Kelly Portis, The Interlude EP represents an area of in-between for Chude. With some of life’s biggest decisions fast approaching, the EP serves as Chude’s attitudes, thoughts, and opinions going into this next part of his life. Its sound exudes unapologetic confidence on songs such as “Time” and “The Return” as well as retrospect on “Legendary” and “Possible.” “[Discipline], a fire beat, and a dope flow has got a bright future in his sights,” FreshNewTracks wrote in their review of the EP’s introduction, “The Return.”

The Interlude EP is preceded by Chude’s 2015 No More Amateur Records EP. Beginning as a bi-weekly series of singles in August 2014, the No More Amateur Records EP (NMAR), which he wrote in 2014 and released in February 2015, revolves around Chude’s heightened standard for his music and re-commitment to delivering his best work. His pledge ran through his study abroad in Paris, France for several months in 2015, where he wrote a verse and a hook every day abroad, resulting in 50+ songs.  As Chude prepares to redefine his career, he continues to perform regularly, write daily and choose from his vast repertoire of songs to release.

Jordan Chude - The Interlude (EP)

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