Rascal F. Kennedy – Diary of a Kool Kid (EP)

Rascal F. Kennedy is back with this new “Diary of a Kool Kid” EP.

Releasing a track a day since Monday for #RascalWeek in anticipation of the release of Diary of a Kool Kid, Rascal F. Kennedy is ready for the world to hear this EP. Diary of a Kool Kid brings about a more mature Rascal than we have seen before, from the heavier beat selection to the grittier lyrics. Usually known for his laid back, West Coast like tracks, Diary of a Kool Kid hits on deeper issues like police brutality and racism.

With production from Houston’s own Yung Knight and features from peers like Bazooka Loe and James Curtis and mixed by his own DJ, DJ RandomHero this EP puts some of H-Town’s newest faces together. Press play and enjoy the words of the kool kid.

Rascal F. Kennedy - Diary of a Kool Kid (EP)

Yoel Molina Law

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