John Reilly – Standing In The Face Of Time EP

John Reilly releases his new EP titled “Standing In The Face Of Time’.

It’s been a minute (or around four years) since the world last heard from Long Island-repping emcee, John Reilly. The thing is, it’s not as if he spent that time off with his feet up or even completely removed from music. Quite the opposite, as he’s been dealing with nearly everything life could throw at him: family issues, depression. fatherhood, and death. In spite of it all, he never stopped writing and instead used it as the inspiration for his stellar new EP, Standing in the Face of Time, with Chicago producer Rediculus.

Reilly’s passion is clear from the jump on lead single “Do That Sh*t,” a track made for live shows and battle scenarios. But it’s on the gripping “Rabbit Hole” that he opens up overcoming his personal problems and not giving up: “Truly thought of quittin’ music after all this time and effort/ But, a writer’s who I am inside my very essence.” Take a listen to “Standing In The Face Of Time“.

John Reilly - Standing In The Face Of Time (EP)

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