Sturk – The College Graduate

Sturk releases new EP titled “The College Graduate”.

Celebrate Sturk‘s birthday with his new EP, The College Graduate. The new project found its way on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon today, Sturk’s born date.
The College Graduate features four excellent tracks. The Intro song features Sturk rhyming about his journey to college and how it felt to finally be accepted. The intro leads us into Freshman Orientation, a celebratory song about college taking students away from what may be a toxic home life.

Freshman O is definitely the standout cut on the new project and a must listen. The third track is a song called Oklahoma Girls, an ode to the women who reside in Sturk’s born state. Finally, Sturk features United Kingdom rapper Young C on Loser, the EP’s closing song.

Sturk - The College Graduate

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