Lord Vnchy – Eminent: 002A_0316

Lord Vnchy Debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his ‘Eminent: 002A_0316’ EP.

VNCHY describes Eminent as a “nostalgic journey of the soul” with the stated purpose to “uplift the mind and the body.” If this sounds like a lot, check the music—brooding, moody, at times even gloomy. Harmony was something VNCHY didn’t see a lot of growing up. “Within the Congo there’s been constant turmoil and war,” he says.
“My grandfather was involved with the rebellion against the dictator,” says VNCHY. “There’s so much turbulence within the country, so my family fled from the war.
On the new project, tracks like “Black Diablo” reflect some of the lessons learned during the artist’s journey from Congo to Toronto. “I believe there is a standard out there that’s put upon us. Whether you’re being marginalized because of your dreams or because of your ethnicity or where you’re from, there is a diablo, a power that we’re all fighting. I’m crazy about self-actualization and you taking the responsibility upon yourself. My music always promotes doing it for yourself and for the people that you love.”


Yoel Molina Law

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