NATIV3 SOUNDS – Great Value

NATIV3 SOUNDS drop off their debut EP titled ‘Great Value’.

The debut EP, ‘Great Value‘ from NATIV3 SOUNDS is far from a secondary brand in terms of beats and lyrics. The three man hip hop collective from Augusta, Georgia display authentic chemistry through out the entire project. The production from DJ Rome Forte is refreshing to say the least. Qua and C.Wills cohesively compliment the beats lyrically in a way that puts you in the mood of a modern day (A Tribe Called Quest). With the lead single “$AK Chasers”  and the underground crowd favorite “N*ggaz B” Nativ3 Sounds shows why there is still “Great Value’ in underground free projects. Enjoy the EP “GREAT VALUE” from NATIV3 SOUNDS.

NATIV3 SOUNDS - Great Value

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