Charmz Valkom – We Are Wild (EP)

Charmz Valkom drops his new EP today titled ‘We Are Wild’.

Charmz Valkom is a hood dude who fell in love with where the wild things are and then told his version through sound. Amores Lullaby’s inspiration come’s from Charmzy first godson who was born two years ago, telling him “I can forever teach him but can’t forever walk him through the wild.” Stretch! is a more upbeat hardcore trap record raging about applying pressure to everything existing before the sky falls. The entire project was mixed by Jack Red (Jabari Rayford). The project includes features from Cy Young and production by MillzMadeDaBeat, Jake Tayor, and Jack Red. Listen to ‘We Are Wild‘ below.

Charmz Valkom - We Are Wild (EP)

Yoel Molina Law

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