Kickin Cloudz – Guilty Summer (EP)

Kickin Cloudz makes their debut on SpitFireHipHop with their ‘Guilty Summer’ EP.

Kickin Cloudz shares their new EP titled ‘Guilty Summer‘ that includes production from Teezy-O-Shawty, Gerry Retro and Whist Spry. The goal of this project is to recreate the feeling, sound and vibe of the summertime. Each composition showcases different moods of the summer which compliments the sound of the groups vocals. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Kickin Cloudz, consists of two brothers, Leo McKloud and Teezy-O-Shawty aka Plxv$urx.

“Guilty Summer is my way of turning the summer into sound. I wanted to make a project that looked, sounded, felt, smelled and even tasted like the summer time. These vibes that you’re going to feel listening to this project are so unique and pure that you couldn’t get them from no other artist.”

“I wanted Guilty Summer to feel like summer, yet still be relatable to everyday situations, whether it’s summer love, negative energy from peers, Good vibes and the stress that comes with chasing your dreams.”
-Leo McKloud

Kickin Cloudz - Guilty Summer (EP)

Kickin Cloudz - Guilty Summer (EP)

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