Luwi – Golden 21(Golden 21 Playlist)

Luwi - Golden 21(Golden 21 Playlist)

Today Luwi returns with his ‘Golden 21(GOLDEN 21 PLAYLIST)’.

Luwi is not like many of the new artists who have become more popular. He does not appear to be in to the trap music craze or mumble rap that has swallowed up Hip Hop. Luwi is clearly about lyrics and spitting clearly so that people can hear his message without any interference.

Luwi releases the ‘Golden 21 (Golden 21 Playlist)‘ which again so his growth since we first came across him in late 2016. We really believe this artist is one that will be able to garner global attention soon because of his skills and message in his music.

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Yoel Molina Law

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