Chuuwee – Nimrod

Chuuwee drops off his new EP titled ‘Nimrod’.

While awaiting the finalization of his first major distribution album, Chuuwee serves his fans a prequel EP “Nimrod” to curb enthusiasm.

“The idea came after the Raptors won and Drake dropped that best in the world pack, I literally remade “Money In The Grave” to a CoopaTroop beat and when I was done writing I said “damn I’m gonna do some Drake sh*t for promo!” Hence why there’s so many 6 God nods” Chuuwee says.

The short EP serves as a prelude to Chuuwee’s upcoming and anticipated “Nephilim” full length which will be released September 6th. Producers on the EP include CoopaTroop, Money Montage, Calev, Colin Brackett, Nate Mercury, Stones Neighbor and Timmy Holiday.

Lastly Chuuwee adds “It’s fun. It helps properly introduce you to my final form. I’ve 100% mastered cryptics in rap music”.

Yoel Molina Law

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