Rob Cave & Che Grand – On Everything I Love

Rob Cave ft. J* Davey - Shallow Pockets

Rob Cave and Che Grand release their new ‘On Everything I Love’ EP.

“Word, on everything that I love” is a promise where I’m from.  In 2019, the artist FKA Spec Boogie and Lessondary member is properly introducing himself to his audience as Rob Cave with two EP’s that will reflect who he is at his core; those two EP’’s are Word, produced by The Other Guys and On Everything I Love produced by Che Grand.

“On Everything I Love is the Yin to Words Yang.  Where Word was precise, structured and personal, On Everything I Love is emotional, free form and communal” Rob waxed poetically 

Today, Rob Cave and Che Grand released their new EP, On Everything I Love. Press play below and leave a comment.

Yoel Molina Law

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