Homage CVG – Mr. Biv

Homage CVG releases his new ‘Mr. Biv’ instrumental EP.

Mr. Biv is a mid-length instrumental beat tape that showcases a song for each color of the visual spectrum. Beats were chosen by color based on mood, feel and texture of sound. The production of this project was done primarily in the fall of 2014 and was brought to light when Everybody’s Hip-Hop Label approached Homage CVG to use it as the May edition of their monthly beat tape series, Beats Without Homes. Mr. Biv is Homage’s seventh solo project and serves as another example of the colorful creative vision the Cincinnati producer puts into his craft.

Fort Ancient Records is a Cincinnati beat collective specializing in thematic projects of sample-based boom bap production and refined accompanying visual art. It is made up of producers Homage CVG, Waldo from Cincinnati, Samuel Steezmore, Dren AD and Phonophage.

Everybody’s Hip-Hop Label is a community-funded record label dedicated to the creation, distribution, and conversation of thoughtful Hip-hop music. Every month Everybody’s Hip-hop is releasing a new beat tape in an ongoing series called “Beats without Homes.” You can listen to the beats and enjoy them or help them find a home.

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