Mic Bles & Brenx Release “Shadows Of War” EP

Mic Bles & Brenx Announce "Shadows Of War" EP

Mic Bles and Brenx share their new collaborative “Shadows Of War” EP.

The collaborative Ep from rising underground beatsmith Brenx and Mic Bles is nothing short of boom bap verbal warfare.

When Netherlands own Brenx is orchestrating the audio movie with production and razor-sharp scratches, Oxnard, California’s Mic Bles is delivering the ice cold narration in this war themed epic!

The 7 track Ep features fellow Ox native DJ Rome’s (Lootpack) and Los Angeles legends Krazy Race and Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) holding down the only features on this underground gem. Calling in support from their comrade in arms Krazy race on the track Greed and Rakaa delivering his signature flow to open your third eye on the boom bap banger Triple Visual this project stands alone amongst the noise!

The synergy is clear on this collaboration between Brenx and Bles, are only question is if there’s more to come in the near future in the Shadows of War!

Yoel Molina Law

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